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  First of all, on behalf of qingyuan city south China copper aluminum industry co., LTD., to the society from all walks of life for many years to our concern and support expressed heartfelt thanks!
  Qingyuan Huanan Copper and Aluminum Co LtdFounded in 2003, the registered capital of 100 million yuan, covers an area of 600 mu, the company employees 950 people, the total net assets of 200 million yuan, annual sales income 1.5 billion yuan, the main products are various types of aluminum, aluminum sheet and aluminum coil plate. In recent years, through the untiring efforts of the south China people, the company in 2006 passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, in the same year, & other; Silver toughening throughout south China &; The products was awarded as national inspection-exempted products. In 2008, the company on the basis of through the second measurement system certification, and successfully passed the ISO14000 environment system certification.
  Looking to the future, the company will be entirely fulfill the scientific development concept, based on the concept of the core values of excellence, continuous improvement, fully carry forward the pragmatic, dedication, progress and dedication spirit of enterprise, to have strong core competitiveness of the company into a large comprehensive aluminum products processing enterprises.
  Within the four seas all men are friends! Here, on behalf of qingyuan city in south China copper aluminum industry co., LTD. Sincere greetings to friends at home and abroad! Company is willing to wholeheartedly with the social from all walks of life extensive exchanges and cooperation, hand in hand advance together, altogether will create the glorious future!
  General manager: MaiYongZhong